roofing and insurance

Roofing and Insurance Working Together

GAF recently posted an article on their blog about the differences and similarities between roofing and insurance. GAF manufactures some of the most well-known shingles in America. You may have heard of a “Timberline” roof? Well, that’s a GAF product. Fireman Roofing loves to install GAF shingles on our new roofs because we believe in…

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Old hail damage is hard to see from the ground, but it could be why you're losing shingles.

Blown Off and Missing Shingles

Anytime you have a lot of wind blowing, there’s a chance of losing shingles. Shingles that are old and dried out from the summer sun, or brittle from winter’s cold, are especially susceptible to high wind damage. The asphalt adhesive strip along the bottom of the shingle will lose it’s grip causing the shingle to…

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Roofing Dallas

About Fireman Roofing

Alex has Served Texas Since ’95 Firefighter Alex leads The Fireman Roofing Company. Alex is a local fireman and paramedic with the Carrollton Fire Department. When he’s not fighting fires or saving lives, Alex stays busy with the day-to-day construction operations at Fireman Roofing. He’s an accomplished contractor and personally manages some of the best construction crews in North…

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residential storm damage repair service

Full-Service Storm Repair

If you’ve had hail, you have hail damage! Most likely, you’ll need more than your roof fixed after a major storm. Fireman Roofing is your full-service contracting business. We’ll take care of restoring all of your damage — and you can get back to your life. Here’s a few more storm repair items we can help you…

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insurance and roofing are similar

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Concierge Customer Service We regularly get calls for roof inspections from all over North Texas. Every inspection comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed promise. You’ll get an honest evaluation and a free written estimate if we find damage that needs to be fixed. With hundreds of satisfied customers, you’ll have the assurance of knowing your roof…

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